You Made It

You Made It

"You Made It" is a podcast about those who make art, music, goods, or participate in a creative endeavor. Billy and Eric have conversations with people discovering their process and inspiration concerning their craft.

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    Episode 17 - Together in Dust

    We sat down with our friends Together in Dust to discuss their latest EP "Alive in the Valley" talking about songwriting, production and their history as a band. These gentlemen make wonderful music. You can check them out and buy their latest EP at

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    Episode 15 - Miai Almaraz from StaC Art Gallery

    Miai Almaraz is the art curator for StaC Art Gallery in Evansville, Indiana. StaC has created a vibrant space for art and artists and is currently hosted up to 25 artists from the Tristate area. We had a lovely conversation about the business, renovating an old house overrun by feral cats and her mom made us some freakin phenomenal egg rolls to boot. Check em out at

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    Episode 14 - Arthur Alligood (Songwriter)

    Arthur Alligood is an amazing singer-songwriter from Hendersonville, TN who has been lauded, "A master craftsman of American songwriting" by No Depression and I can't agree more. Even more than that though Arthur is a beautiful and talented soul who is a great storyteller and listener. When Arthur came through on tour he was kind enough to chat with Billy and I about his career, life and songwriting after a day of traveling and playing a house show. Stick around until the end to listen to one of my favorite songs from his album "The Shadow Can't Have Me".

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    Episode 13 - Moriah Hobgood (Mixologist & Owner of Mo's House)

    Moriah Hobgood (aka "Mo") is an unstoppable force! She possesses a strong determination to do what she loves and thus Mo's Place was born, a cocktail bar featuring everything from swanky cocktails to PBR. We get into the art of making cocktails and Mo's story of how she opened her business.

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    Episode 12 - Noncompliant (Rock Band From Lexington, KY)

    The women from Noncompliant swung by the You Made It studio on their first tour to discuss pre-show spooning therapy sessions, their beginnings as a band and the challenges that come along with being a band comprised of women. They were a joy to hang out with and we encourage you to check out their music on spotify or bandcamp.

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    Episode 11 - Tom Bippus of Bippus Frame Shop

    Tom Bippus is a masterful artist tasked with making other people's art, memories and family memorabilia look classy....and he does just that. We get into strange requests from customers and discuss what makes a good frame and why it is important. Tom has worked on some really cool and unusual projects that are outside of the box. You will enjoy this one for sure.

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    Episode 10 - Josh Pietrowski (Brewmaster at Turoni's Main Street Pub)

    Josh Pietrowski is a very talented man who has a deep passion for brewing fantastic beer, bringing people together and is always up for a great conversation. Josh's talents are multifaceted and our conversation shows exactly that by starting on the topic of brewing beer and quickly darts into the territories of music, community and of course, solving all the world's problems in a podcast. We even have a little treat at the end of the show featuring a Carry That Weight song, showcasing Josh's songwriting talent. Josh's band is also featured as the buffer music before the main segment.

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    Episode 09 - Clint Vaught/Tattooer & Renaissance Man

    On this episode we had the wonderful opportunity of sitting down with our friend Clint Vaught to talk about the artistry of tattooing as well as tattoo history and Clint's new book.

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    Episode 7 - Nick and Sara Davidson (Tin Man Brewing Co.)

    Nick and Sara Davidson are the owners of Tin Man Brewing Company in Evansville, IN. We talk about their journey as business owners, making beer and their upcoming 4 year anniversary on Black Friday. Tin Man has a great story and great beer. Enjoy the conversation.

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    Episode 6 - Gary Logan Hobdy (Painter/Artist)

    For this episode Billy and Eric sit down with friend and artist Gary Logan Hobdy who is a painter who incorporates cartoons, mixed media, surreal imagery, humor and a certain polish that is unparalleled. Gary's vivid paintings equally match his vivacious personality. We talk about where Gary gets his inspiration from, and even explore a little bit about Gary's personality and where it comes from.

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    Episode 5 - Meagan DeLong (Artist/Painter)

    Billy and I sat down with my lovely and talented wife Meagan DeLong. Meagan is a painter who has a unique voice and vision for her art. We talk about the importance of creative goals and deadlines, creating a balance between personal and commissioned pieces and mine and Billy's failed attempt to rescue Frodo (Meagan's cat) out of a tree when we first started dating.

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    Episode 4 - Rachel Goldman (Comedian)

    On this episode we have a conversation with Rachel Goldman, a hilarious stand up comedian from Evansville, IN. We talk about her experiences doing stand up comedy, touring, working at her family's pawn shop and a slew of other topics that seemingly came out of nowhere. It is a wild ride and we hope you aren't too distracted the constant laughing and wheezing.

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    Episode 3 - Steven Hamilton (Songwriter)

    Billy and I talk to Steven Hamilton of thunder/dreamer about songwriting, touring, recording the new record "Capture", and his bandmate Zach's aggressive back rubs. Steven has been involved in the Evansville music scene for quite sometime and started playing solo shows in 2011 and soon assembled a killer band featuring Corey Greenfield, Alex Wallwork and Zach Zint. Be on the lookout for their new album "Capture" coming out soon and catch them on tour.

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    Episode 2 - Matt Perez (Sculpture Artist)

    On this episode of You Made It we sat down with Matt Perez to talk about his sculpture, how he sees the world and why he creates. Matt's work is truly amazing considering his main medium is chicken wire! Yes, you heard that right, chicken wire.

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    Episode 1 - Get To Know Your Hosts

    Billy and I sit down to talk about the inspiration for our podcast as well as our backgrounds regarding music and appreciation for art.

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